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Best Practices
All SASP hardscape training curriculum is taught to industry “Best Practices” and was developed through the input of a group of contractor “Founders”, who represent all regions of the country.


Indoor Training Arena
Our 5,000 sq ft indoor training facility is equipped with the latest tools and equipment, and is dedicated to year round hands-on hardscape training.



Variety of Courses


Promote Your Investment in Education
Upon successful completion of any SASP course, students receive a certificate of completion and a “Trained by SASP” decal for use on company vehicles.


Companies looking to further separate themselves from the crowd can also undergo additional training to be certified as a “SASP Certified Instructor” for each of the classes.


The School for Advanced Segmental Paving (SASP) is committed to educating the paver industry on the “Best Practices” of hardscape construction.  SASP is proud to have on its administration qualified, experienced instructors and guest instructors to teach the courses.  With over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge, we assure you, our students walk away learning labor efficiencies and communication skills that enable them to share their learned skills with other hardscape professionals.

Steve Jones (School President)

In 1985, Stephen Jones formed PAVE TECH, INC. as a residential paver installation company. His experience in those years opened his eyes to the reality of a contracting business.

His first job, a 4800 S.F. driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck proved to be one of his most complicated ever. This was the first and last time he ever used treated lumber edging. After being totally dissatisfied with the use of treated lumber for edge restraint, he began to use what has been called a "concrete toe", placed after the pavers had been laid. In Steve's case this consisted of ready-mix concrete and re-rod troweled into place. But even this had difficulty staying put when vehicles traveled near the edge. This labor intensive method caused Steve to search the market for alternatives. He found none suitable.

In the fall of 1986, Steve's thoughts turned to designing a new edge restraint specifically for paver installations. By Spring of 1987, Steve had his first pieces of what was then called "PAVE TECH Edging". That first introductory year, PAVE TECH sold about 50,000 feet of edging. After the experiences, trials and tribulations of that first year, PAVE TECH relocated its manufacturing to a Chicago based plastics company. It was also the time of many changes to the size and shape of what would became known as "PAVE EDGE".


Greg Ambrose (Lead Instructor)

Greg Ambrose founded Fairlawn Consulting in 2007 to enhance the overall educational process for hardscape contractors. He is dedicated to the education of hardscape contractors in all segments of business and installation. He shares this through specializing in hands-on seminars and sharing his various real-life experiences through one-on-one consultation, as well as speaking to groups, and conducting industry sponsored certifications. Most recently Greg has worked as a consultant on the largest historical road renovation in Panama City, Panama Central America, and on the largest ICP installation at the Moin Container Port in Moin, Cost Rica. He has also shared his knowledge at such events as Hardscape North America in Louisville KY, iLandcape in Chicago IL, MGIA Show in Detroit, MI, CENTs Show in Columbus OH, and Green n Growin’ Show in Greensboro, NC. As well as Nationally for Belgard (Oldcastle APG) training events.

Greg is an ICPI Level One Contractor and Instructor who has taught more than 200 classes in over 27states and Canada. Since 1998 he has certified over 6,000 students. He is also Certified as both a Contractor and an Instructor for the ICPI Commercial Technicians and PICP Technicians classes as well as the Advanced Residential Technicians classes. He has Certificates from The NCMA and the School for Advanced Segmental Paving and is the lead instructor for the school. Over the past 3 years Greg has instructed more than twice as many ICPI classes as any other instructor!

Greg has worked in various roles in the concrete paver industry since 1984. Prior to starting Fairlawn Consulting, Greg spent seven years as Vice-President for a Cleveland-based hardscape company specializing in high-end residential and commercial applications where his company successfully completed the largest historical brick road renovation in North America at the time. Greg currently runs United Hardscape, LLC located in Akron, OH.

Greg appeared on 4 episodes of Discovery Channel’s Hometime, as well as having offered how-to advice for consumers and contractors on radio. Greg has also enjoyed multiple speaking engagements on all aspects of hardscape installation such as; Commercial Installations, Mechanical Installations, How to Sell In-Home, How to Prequalify Your Customers, Specialty Hardscape Installations, and Bidding and Estimating. Greg has also contributed regularly as an author for Hardscape Magazine. Greg has also contributed to the writing of the Advanced Residential Paver Technician and Commercial Paver Technician Student Manuals for the ICPI.

Tom Tomaro (Instructor)

As Tom Tomaro approaches 27 years in the hardscape industry, he takes advantage of knowledge acquired from his father, a stone and brick mason of 40 years.
Tom utilized this strong foundation to build and develop his company's reputation as an innovative leader in the hardscape industry in the Pittsburgh area. Along with his wife and business partner, Barb, they have evolved into a full-service, award winning company that incorporates unique and creative approaches to accommodate every landscape/hardscape need, with total customer satisfaction being their ultimate goal.
Tom has been an ICPI Certified Contractor and Authorized Instructor for the past 12 years as well as an ICPI Advanced Residential Paver Technician class Instructor. He has taught at the local level and nationally at Hardscape North America classes. He is also a Certified NCMA and Advanced NCMA Contractor and Instructor.

Tom also holds Certifications from the School for Advanced Segmental Paving in both Foundation Skills for Wall Construction and Foundation Skills for Paver Construction, as well as being a Co-Instructor for the course. In addition to his hardscape expertise, Tom holds a Finance/Quantitative Business Analysis Degree, 1990, from Robert Morris University.

Applying a hands on approach to his business, commitment to education, one-of-a kind designs, and personal commitment to his customers, Tom has defined himself as a leader and innovator in the industry.

Pat McCrindle (Instructor)

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