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June 2007

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Mike Volpano here, the new Lead Instructor at the School for Advanced Segmental Paving. I am very excited to be here and look forward to meeting each of you. I am committed to the School and its mission and to being proactive in furthering curriculum and class offerings.

It has been a whirlwind start for me here. After spending my first week in Franksville I was “on the road” spending a week with Bob Goosens at Precise Paving in West Palm Beach Florida followed by two weeks in Illinois. One week with Hans Hirsch at Krugel Kobbles and one week with Bill Schneider at LPS Pavement Company. I would like to express my deepest thanks to each of them for allowing me to become part of their crews. I would also like to thank everyone I worked with for their willingness to educate and train me and most of all for their patience. I can truly say that I made some great friendships while I was visiting each company.

Great news regarding our website! We are getting on average 200 views a day to the School website. That is 5,000+ monthly. January was much higher at over 7,000!!
The top page views per week are:
-Home – 377
-Quotes & Photos – 82
-Classes – 53
-Travel Info – 45
-Calendar – 39
-Sponsorship – 27

With this much interest we are anticipating great growth for SASP.


Pinehall Brick Sponsored Class

There was no breathing time after I returned to the School in Franksville! I was immediately immersed in preparing for our first “Sponsored” class. Ted Corvey from Pine Hall Brick sponsored a class for his associates and it was a raging success. Steve Jones, admittedly “a bit rusty” did a great job in leading the class. Ted had individuals from all over the country involved in everything from sales to installers in attendance. Also included was one of Pave Tech’s newest additions, Lighting Division Manager Julie Salter, who was always eager to jump right in. Welcome Julie. In addition to Ted leading a special presentation on clay pavers, Bill Schneider of LPS was kind enough to be a special presenter, sharing his knowledge of permeable pavers and business operational issues. We had round table discussion dinners on two nights and Ted even arranged for a special night out. We were bussed to a spy themed restaurant in Milwaukee for a great dinner and were later entertained by a comedy troupe performing a specially tailored routine based on the class and its participants. It was a great week! Thanks Ted.


Ted stated, “I think PHB will want to do this again and I encourage other sponsors to get involved. There is no reason why anyone associated with our industry should not go through this program!” With that in mind, we are developing a letter to be sent to our sponsors promoting special “sponsored” classes. We hope our offerings will encourage everyone to take advantage of this great opportunity.


I am busy now working with Steve Jones on curriculum development. We are fine tuning timelines and skills related issues in an effort to continue to make classes flow smoothly and deliver the most up to date information. We are always looking for ways to improve and your input is especially appreciated.

I plan to call each of you soon to personally introduce myself so we can get to know each other. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or other School related issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for this opportunity.

Mike Volpano, Lead Instructor

Mike Volpano


Sponsor Your Own Class

Hello everyone, it’s Kris Jones! I hope this update finds everyone healthy, happy and prosperous!

As Mike said above, we ended the 2006-07 calendar with a BANG! Ted Corvey’s sponsored Foundation Skills Class was indescribable! Aside from the class itself, we had an evening out on the town, on Pine Hall Brick.

At the end of the week, Ted generously gave each student a School for Advanced Segmental Paving windbreaker, specially made with PHB sponsorship information. Definitely a collector’s item!




SASP at HNA 2007

As most of you have already heard, the School for Advanced Segmental Paving’s involvement with Hardscape North America at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center was a HUGE success. The students couldn’t get enough of the “Hands-On Best Practices for Paver Installation” one day class, taught by SASP, March 8 – 10, 2007! We had students thirsting for more – they will be receiving our class calendar for the Fall.

SASP is slated to teach the hands-on class this upcoming HNA February 27 – March 1, 2008 in Nashville, TN. Due to the popularity of the course, the plan for 2008 is to up the class from 12 per class to 16. More details to follow regarding the hardscape show.



Course Stats

The final numbers for the 2006-07 year are as follows:
• Foundation Skills = 101 • Foremen Team Teaching = 27
• Hardscape Chemical Certification = 13 • Permeable Paving Systems = 30
TOTAL NUMBERS = 171 Students

Beginning this year, SASP is now offering discounted months for its classes. We hope students will take advantage of these discounts to discover how great our hands-on classes will be in expanding their knowledge of the paver industry. The discounted months are colored coded on the calendar. The color legend is on the left hand side of the web page.
• January, February, March and April are full priced
• May October, and November, students will receive 20% off regularly priced classes
• June, July, August and September, students will receive 30% off regularly priced classes
• December, students will receive 10% off regularly priced classes


Mike and I will do our best to recruit students and see if we can’t triple those numbers for this year! With that said, we have just completed the School fall schedule. The updated schedule is now available on the calendar. We are looking forward to full classes.

Finally, if there is anything I can assist you with, please do not hesitate in contacting me at the school or feel free to email me at Take care all!

Kris Jones



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