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January 2007

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Founders Update.

This report strives to keep everyone informed of the latest updates and information related to the School for Advanced Segmental Paving (SASP). I will be discussing the following topics:
• New School Administrator
• Latest Founder
• Steps, Landings and Elevations (SLE)
• Classes during the Hardscape North America (HNA) tradeshow
• Year in Review
• Train the Trainer course
• New school “First’s”

Hello, Kristine Jones (Kris) here, the new Administrator for the School for Advanced Segmental Paving and the PAVE TECH, INC. Operations Manager for the Distribution center here in Franksville, WI. Since joining the PAVE TECH team in November, I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information. I come with an educational background, formally running a private medical college as the Director. However, this field of study is entirely new to me, which is why with encouragement from Steve Jones, I attended, and am a graduate of the school, attending the most recent Foundation Skills for Paver Construction class. This has helped me tremendously in that I never knew all the steps necessary to lay pavers, and how much of a science this business is. I have received a great deal of support from the entire staff at PAVE TECH, INC, as well as all the founders and sponsors that I’ve communicated with since mid November. It’s exciting to know that we have had 124 students come through the various classes here at SASP, and I anticipate growth for 2007. I look forward to meeting with all of you at the 2nd annual founders meeting during the Hardscape North America, and notes that she will be sending out correspondence in the very near future with additional information. I would like everyone to know that I will provide assistance to all of you in any way that I can.

Kris Jones


Class Photo

The above photo was taken upon completion of the December 5th
Foundation Skills class, Kris is seated in the drive’rs seat.



Since the last founders update, the SASP has accepted Roland Helmenstein from Design Pave, Inc. in Manor, TX as the latest founder to the school. Roland and his father Volkmar were recently here in Franksville for the first Permeable Paver Systems course that was offered in September and was very pleased with the arena, classroom and the school atmosphere. We are happy Roland has decided to become our twelfth school founder.

Roland Helmenstein



Steps, Landings & Elevations

Work continues on the Steps Landings and Elevations course which will first be offered on the 20th of March 2007. The course will place skill emphasis on the transitions that occur between steps, pavers and those materials used to create the steps, ie: concrete, Natural stone, and segmental wall units. The course will also address the difficult issue of layout and stair calculations. As with all of our courses, this course will be a hands-on course designed to bring the best practices from contractors back to the contractor students. I would like to extend a special thank you to Mark Audrain, and Eugene Koziol from Krugel Cobbles in Lake Bluff, IL they allowed me to work along side their crews on several occasions to assist with learning some of the skills necessary for this new course.


Hands-On Best Practices for Paver Installation
at Hardscape North America

Progress continues to push forward with the preparation for the two mini Foundation Skills classes that are sponsored by ICPI during the Hardscape North America, Contractors Trade Show, held in Nashville, TN. The class is officially known as Hands-on Best Practices for Paver Installation and will be offered on Friday March 9th, as well as Saturday March 10th. Since ICPI is handling the student registrations, (Class size limit is 12) I encourage those who will either be attending or know of others who wish to attend, to register early. The class will be taught by myself and Pat McCrindle from Elite Landscaping. Additional information can be found by visiting the HNA link below.


Course Status

As the last few days of 2006 quickly pass, I too was anxious to summarize and review the past year, our first full year at the SASP. We’ve graduated 124 students which breaks down according to the following :
            Foremen Team Teaching: 27 Students
            Foundation Skills: 65 Students
            Hardscape Chemical Certification: 13 Students
            Permeable Paver Systems construction: 19 Students


Train the Trainer

On the 30th of November, I attended a continuing education course titled “Train the Trainer” sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) held at the National Concrete and Masonry Association (NCMA) headquarters in Herndon, VA. The course was taught by Beverly Koehn of Beverly Koehn and Associates Inc. The class reminded me of the instructor course I attended several years ago while in the service, and focused on the formal side of teaching. The course included presentation techniques, learning styles and extensive work regarding the three R’s of learning. Make sure student is Ready to learn, Make sure students Receive your information and Make sure students Retain that information.

The class was a great refresher for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


First's for SASP

A couple of “First’s” that have recently occurred for the school include; Kris and I are working diligently to prepare for our first class dedicated completely toward one of our sponsors. The entire Foundation Skills class will be reserved for them, and they have graciously hosted the class for their employees. This first of it’s kind class will take place during May. The other “first” for the SASP includes our first International students and recent graduates of the latest Foundation Skills course. Diego and his older brother Romeo Frenandez traveled from Monterrey, Mexico were they own a concrete products manufacturing plant and were very interested in the Best Practice paver installation techniques that the school had to offer.

I sincerely hope that your year has been as fulfilling as our first full year here at the School for Advanced Segmental Paving has been. My best wishes toward a continued happy, successful and prosperous new year in 2007!

If you have any questions or feedback in relation to the school,
or its courses, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Until next time,

Mark Skiba

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